The New Adventures of Old Christine Wiki

The 4th season of The New Adventures of Old Christine that aired on CBS on September 24, 2008 and completed on May 20, 2009. The DVD was released on Tuesday December 7, 2010.


Season Overview:

Christine Campbell, Richard Campbell, and Matthew Kimble were present for all episodes.

Ritchie Campbell was absent for 3 episodes. (4x03), (4x04), (4x14).

Christine Hunter was absent for 3 episodes. (4x03), (4x04), (4x20).

Marly Ehrhardt was absent for absent for 1 episode. (4x14).

Lindsay was absent for 1 episode (4x14).

Barb Baran was absent for 1 episode. (4x05).

Episode list:

  1. A Decent Proposal
  2. How I Hate Your Mother
  3. White Like Me
  4. Snakes on a Date
  5. Everyone Says I Love Expect Ritchie
  6. Tie Me Up, Don't Tie Me Down
  7. So You Think You Can Date
  8. Self-Esteem Tempura
  9. Rage Against the Christine
  10. Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner
  11. Unidentified Funk
  12. Happy Endings
  13. Notes on a 7th Grade Scandal
  14. What Happens in Vegas is Disgusting in Vegas
  15. Reckless Abandonment
  16. Honey, I Ran Over the Kid
  17. Too Close for Christine
  18. A Change of Heart/Pants
  19. Hair
  20. He Ain't Heavy
  21. The Old Maid of Honor
  22. Love: A Cautionary Tale