Season 4 of The New Adventures of Old Christine aired from 24 Sep


2008 to 20 May 2009.

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In this season, as Barb is divorced she is facing deportation from the U.S. so Christine decides to marry her in a sham lesbian marriage in order to keep her best friend in the country. Richard and New Christine become engaged while Matthew finds love with one of his clients. Christine has a brief relationship with an obsessive man named Patrick, while she and Barb decide to turn their gym into a spa which they later shockingly discover has turned into a brothel. On the day of Richard and New Christine's wedding, Christine briefly gets back together with New Christine's father, but is later left heart broken when she discovers that he is engaged. This causes Richard to rush to Christine's side leaving New Christine angry and jealous causing her to leave him at the altar. Meanwhile, Barb and Christine's sham marriage is discovered by an INS officer leaving Barb imprisoned.

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