• Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell
  • Clark Gregg as Richard Campbell
  • Trevor Gagnon as Ritchie Campbell
  • Matt Letscher as Burton Schaefer
  • Amy Launders as Pretty Christine
  • Jordan Baker as Mrs. Belt
  • Lily Goff as Ashley Ehrhardt
  • Marissa Blanchard as Kelsey

Season Overview:

Christine Campbell, Richard Campbell, Matthew Kimble, and Ritchie Campbell were present for all episodes.

Christine Hunter was absent for 12 episodes (2x01), (2x05), (2x07), (2x09), (2x12), (2x13), (2x14), (2x17), (2x18), (2x19), (2x21), (2x22).

Marly Ehrhardt was absent for 9 episodes (2x02), (2x04), (2x05), (2x08), (2x10), (2x13), (2x15), (2x16), (2x20).

Lindsay was absent for 9 episodes (2x02), (2x04), (2x05), (2x08), (2x10), (2x13), (2x15), (2x16), (2x20).

Episode List:

  1. The Passion of Christine
  2. The Answer is Maybe
  3. Come to Papa Jeff
  4. Oh God, Yes
  5. Separation Anxiety
  6. The Champ
  7. Playdate with Destiny
  8. Women 'N Tuition
  9. Mission: Impossible
  10. What About Barb?
  11. Crash
  12. Ritchie Scores
  13. Endless Shrimp, Endless Night
  14. Let Him Eat Cake
  15. Sleepless in Mar Vista
  16. Undercover Brother
  17. Strange Bedfellows
  18. The Real Thing
  19. Faith Off
  20. My Big Fat Sober Wedding
  21. Friends
  22. Frasier
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