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Richard Mortimer Campbell
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 8 (season 1)
Relatives Christine Campbell (mother)
Richard Campbell (father)
Dakota Hunter-Campbell (half-sister)
Matthew Kimble (maternal uncle)
Joe Campbell (paternal uncle)
Angela Kimble (maternal grandmother)
Larry Kimble (maternal grandfather)
Barb Baran (ex-step-mother)
Marital status Single
Portrayed by Trevor Gagnon

Richard Mortimer "Ritchie" Campbell is a character in The New Adventures of Old Christine. He is the son of Richard and Christine Campbell, the nephew of Matthew Kimble and Joe Campbell, the grandson of Larry and Angela Kimble, and the ex-step-son of Barb Baran.

Westbridge School

In the first episode of season one, Ritchie is beginning third grade at Westbridge School. Prior to attending Westbridge, Ritchie went to an unnamed public school, where his best friend Julian was.


Ritchie is the son of Richard and Christine Campbell. He has two uncles, Matthew Kimble and Joe Campbell.