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Matthew Kimble
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Relatives Angela Kimble (mother)
Larry Kimble (father)
Christine Campbell (sister)
Ritchie Campbell (nephew)
Richard Campbell (ex-brother-in-law)
Barb Baran (ex-sister-in-law)
Marital status Single
Portrayed by Hamish Linklater

Matthew Kimble is the brother of Christine Campbell.

Romantic relationships

Matthew has various short-lived relationships, most usually only lasting one or two days. His most serious relationship started in season three, which was with Lucy, and they broke up shortly afterward. They reconciled in season five, though they broke up again.

Matthew has had a crush on Barb Baran, Christine's best friend, since before season one. New Christine has a crush on Matthew.

Non-romantic relationships


Matthew and Christine's relationship is somewhat shaky. In season three, Matthew realises that his and Christine's relationship is creepy. The two seem to get along well. Matthew lived with Christine until season five, when Matthew got an apartment with Richard.


Matthew and Richard are friends. Even after Christine and Richard's divorce, Richard and Matthew remained good friends. Matthew was Richard's best man in season four, though Richard and New Christine never actually married. In season five, Richard and Matthew got an apartment together. Richard later moved out, leaving Matthew to eventually move back in with Christine.

Career and medical school

Matthew was Ritchie's nanny (or, as Matthew called it, "manny") from season one to season two, when Matthew decided to go to medical school. Matthew dropped out after just one semester (in season four, Matthew stated: "I had a foo semester of medical school. I'm one sixteenth a doctor"). In season three, Matthew decided to become a therapist and actually kept this job. His mentor was Max Kershaw, who became Christine's therapist, and later her fiancé.