Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Relatives Unnamed husband
Sammy (son)
Kelsey (daughter)
Jackson (son)
Unnamed child
Marital status Married
Portrayed by Alex Kapp Horner

Lindsay is a character in The New Adventures of Old Christine. She is almost always seen with Marly Ehrhardt, another "Meanie Mom" at Westbridge School. Lindsay is often considered to be a "Meanie Mom", though she often shows compassion for Christine and often does favours for her.

Marriage and children

Lindsay's husband is never seen, though he is mentioned frequently. Lindsay often talks about how awful her husband is, and sometimes acts like he doesn't exist.

Lindsay has three children: Sammy, the oldest, Kelsey, the second-oldest, Jackson, the second-youngest, and an unnamed child born in season four. In season one, Lindsay introduces herself to Christine by saying "Kelsey 3rd, Sammy 4th, Jackson pre-K", referring to her children's grades. Sammy is the fourth grade (aged about 9) in the first series, which would make him 14 in season five. Both Sammy and Jackson are never seen, and are only mentioned in the very first episode. Kelsey is a classmate of Ritchie and Ashley. In season four, Lindsay gave birth to a child, whose gender, nor its name, are never revealed, but is later seen in a pink blanket, probably indicating that the child is a girl.

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