Full Name:


Date of Birth:



Lindsay (mother)
Unnamed father
Sammy (brother)
Jackson (brother)
Unnamed sibling



Portrayed by:

 Marissa Blanchard

Kelsey is Lindsay and her husband's daughter and the second of their four children.


Kelsey's parents are Lindsay and her husband, whose name is never revealed.

Kelsey has three siblings; one older than her and two younger than her. Her elder sibling is Sammy, who was in fourth grade when Kelsey was in third. Her younger siblings are Jackson, who was "pre-K" in season one, and an unnamed sibling who was born in season four.


Kelsey was first mentioned as showing signs of lesbianism in season two, when Marly says "Kelsey had a little girl crush on Mrs. Belt last year". In season five, Marly said that Kelsey has a crush on Britney B and wears steel-toed Doc Martins. At the seventh-grade school dance, Kelsey attended the dance, didn't have a date, wore a tuxedo, and ended up dancing with Ashley.

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