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Christine Campbell
Vital statistics
Gender female
Age Unknown
Relatives Angela Kimble (mother)
Larry Kimble (father)
Matthew Kimble (brother)
Ritchie Campbell
Unnamed cousin
Mortimer (great-uncle)
Richard Campbell (ex-husband)
Barb Baran (ex-wife)
Max Kershaw (fiancé)
Marital status Divorced
Portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Christine Campbell is the main character of the The New Adventures of Old Christine. She is the mother of Ritchie Campbell, the ex-wife of Richard Campbell, the fiancée of Max Kershaw and the best friend of Barb Baran.

Christine is a mostly well meaning, neurotic mother. She is overly protective of her son and one of the running jokes on the show is her extreme self-centered nature. She thinks very highly of her looks, and intelligent. She is shown to be very self absorbed, and on numerous occasions has exhibited utter disregard and lack of empathy for her family and friends' problems. When Matthew decides to drop out of medical school, she does not even listen to his problem or show any concern or sympathy and instead keeps obsessing about her date with Daniel Harris. On another ocassion, when her best friend, Barb, is about to be deported from the country, she is turns the whole situation about herself.