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Barbara Jean "Barb" Baran
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown (two years younger than Christine Campbell)
Relatives Christine Campbell (ex-wife)
Richard Campbell (husband)
Ritchie Campbell (ex-step-son)
Dakota Hunter-Campbell (step-daughter)
Marital status Engaged
Portrayed by Wanda Sykes

Barbara Jean "Barb" Baran is a character in The New Adventures of Old Christine and the best friend of Christine Campbell. She used to be married to a guy named Pete.

Romantic relationships

Barb was married to Pete Baran for around a decade. In season four, Barb was about to be deported to the Bahamas, her birthplace, after she divorced Pete, an American citizen. Old Christine married Barb to keep her in the country. However, Old Christine and Barb later found out that marrying a woman doesn't keep Barb in America, though marrying a man does. Barb then married Richard Campbell to stay. In season five, her boyfriend Dave wanted to break up with her, but Old Christine advised that the best way would be to propose to Barb, and she would say no. However, when Dave did propose, Barb accepted. A "flash-forward" to the year 2029 was shown, showing Dave talking to his children saying "and that's how I met your mother". It is assumed that Barb divorced Richard and then married Dave, an American citizen. Their marriage would keep Barb in the country.